Neo Noir Interactive Crime Film

For this project we each had to create an Interactive Noir film, similar to Bandersnatch on Netflix. We had the choice to do any of the noir genres which are, Film Noir, Neo Noir and Tech Noir. After doing research into each of the genres I decided to do my Interactive Noir film as a Neo Noir film. 

One hard part about this was the choice tree we had to do for it as well as keeping continuity between options. I also had an issue with flicker which I found a fix for in post but if I fixed it then the tradeoff would be that the clips lose focus which I felt would be worse than the flicker, and my tutor agreed. I now know how to fix any flicker during filming.

If you start with the top film and watch in YouTube you can watch the whole film interactively and make choices as they come up on the screen. The choice tree below also lets you look at all of the individual videos I edited to make up the interactive film.

This is my project so I wrote, directed, filmed and edited it but with a cast and crew of some of our 90% Bloopers team (Adam on Sound, Quest acting), plus two other friends acting. My Dad’s office allowed us to film there over a weekend. This meant I could get a more authentic looking location for an office rather than a classroom. We spent 2 very long days to get all the footage, but we all had a great time – the free coffee machine helped and I bought pizza for us all both days. It was tiring but everyone said they really enjoyed it. We were able to film this before the Covid Lockdown.