Poker Hand (UNO Cards)

Here is the first official project I did in my first year at college, which I wrote, directed, filmed and edited. We were shown Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels poker hand scene and Mike (our course leader at the time) tasked us each with creating a poker hand scene and attempting to use a Zolly (Dolly Zoom) in the scene somewhere. I added a twist by having one player playing with UNO cards. I personally feel like for my first college project I am rather pleased with the outcome of this. While looking back I can see several things that could be improved or I could have done better during filming, it was my first project so given my knowledge at the time I’m pleased with it.

This is the project where I first worked with the 4 other friends who went on to become our “90%Bloopers” group. We often film together now.