Post Production

Here is a screen shot of my editing timeline.

For my editing, I essentially did everything that I have discussed in my Reflective Research, where I explain how my reasons and decisions were informed by my Reflective Research.

  • I imported my footage into Adobe Premiere.
  • I removed audio from the clip.
  • I converted the footage to black and white by putting on a black and white effect.
  • I looked at the footage to see whether it needed colour grading or white balancing, but I felt it didn’t.
  • I made my Dialogue Intertitles with the key words that the Announcer (Charlie) says to introduce the game, and that he says to announce the Winner at the end. I experimented with different fonts and motifs, and I asked for feedback on which looked most appropriate. Luckily, the feedback agreed with what I had thought.
  • I also made the Opening Credits in the same matching style. This was interesting since I realised that I couldn’t refer to Harley and Jack as “The Winner” and “The Loser” since that would be Spoilers for anyone who instantly recognised them! So, I had to find another way to describe them for the Opening Credits that identified them for anyone who doesn’t know them without creating Spoilers.
  • I had originally thought of putting “FIN” at the end, but I decided that “THE END” would be more authentic.
  • I used key frames and altering the location of the text multiple times in order to create the slight juddering effect on the Intertitles. This took a long time, but I’m pleased with the results, I feel it gives the clip the authentic “old” feel that I was after.
  • I edited the Intertitles into the appropriate places in the film.
  • I overlaid a grainy film effect that I found on YouTube, to make the film look like it was old, to give the authentic feel that I have discussed in my Reflective Research.
  • I added music to the start, light-hearted for the Opening Credits and start of the film up to when the actual game of Musical Chairs starts, then I changed to a different piece of music to show the game had started. This second piece was slightly more intimidating, to reflect Jack’s threatening behaviour towards Harley.
  • I added Foley type sounds at the end where Jack slips as the chair is pulled away (and I stop the music instantly at this point too), then a “bonk” type noise as his legs hit the floor, and then sounds of an audience clapping. These are not meant to be Diegetic Sounds, since they are not actually part of the filmed world, they are meant to compliment the action in the same way as I described the “twitchy” sound does when the lion shakes its ears.