Spy Toast Advert

Here is the toast advert that I wrote, directed, filmed and edited. I filmed it with our 90%Bloopers team. We each had to film our own advert but were encouraged to help film for eachother, which we enjoyed doing. For this our tutor set us the task to keep the advert to 45 seconds exactly (give or take a few frames) which was rather difficult. However, I’m pleased with the end result. Below are two versions of the toast advert, one of them is in colour and the other one is a black and white version. I experimented with a black and white version to see if it suited the style better and showed off the gold colour of the toast more. 

Personally I prefer the in colour version more, which is your favourite?

While originally editing the in colour version of the toast advert, I noticed how the white balancing was off in the first shot, due to the difference in the lighting in the two locations of the actors within the same shot. At the level I was back then with Adobe Premier Pro I wasn’t knowledgeable enough to fix this issue in post.

However, due to me being more experienced, I have decided to attempt to fix the white balancing on that first shot and will upload the finished product here once it is complete.